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art'otel Budapest by Park Plaza


Maximum capacity:
140 person(s)
Accommodation capacity:
290 person(s)
Number of rooms:
Number of venues:
Location type:

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In the art'bistrobar, not only can our hotel guests enjoy delicious food and a wonderful panorama from behind a glass wall overlooking the Danube and Parliament, but sports fans can also follow the matches on large displays during major sporting events.

Business Corner
Business Corner
In the Business Corner, located near the entrance, 3 computers and 1 printer are at the disposal of our dear guests 24 hours a day.


  • Budapest, 1011 Budapest, Bem rkp. 16-19

Accessibility: by car, bkv
The art'otel is located on the Bem quay between the Chain Bridge and the Margit Bridge, and by public transport the Battyányi tér metro station is the closest.

Room capacities

Hall name Floor space
Tapestry I. 50 m2 21 person(s) 40 person(s) 24 person(s) 27 person(s) 17 person(s)
Tapestry II. 50 m2 21 person(s) 40 person(s) 24 person(s) 27 person(s) 17 person(s)
Tapestry III. 50 m2 21 person(s) 40 person(s) 24 person(s) 27 person(s) 17 person(s)
Tapestry I-II. 100 m2 35 person(s) 100 person(s) 48 person(s) 63 person(s) 37 person(s)
Tapestry I-III. 150 m2 70 person(s) 140 person(s) 88 person(s) 99 person(s) 53 person(s)
Foyer 68 m2 - - - - -
Garden&River 66 m2 21 person(s) 48 person(s) 32 person(s) 36 person(s) 29 person(s)
Garden 33 m2 7 person(s) 24 person(s) 8 person(s) 12 person(s) 15 person(s)
River 33 m2 7 person(s) 24 person(s) 8 person(s) 12 person(s) 15 person(s)
Domino 35 m2 14 person(s) 30 person(s) 8 person(s) 18 person(s) 17 person(s)
Chelsea III. 27 m2 7 person(s) 25 person(s) 8 person(s) 15 person(s) 14 person(s)
Business 20 m2 7 person(s) 25 person(s) - 12 person(s) 15 person(s)
Office 25 m2 7 person(s) 16 person(s) - 10 person(s) 15 person(s)

Location information

The city's first art-based boutique hotel, the walls of which are decorated with nearly 600 works by contemporary American artist Donald Sultan.
From the point of view of location, a great choice is not only accessibility, but also the magnificent view of the Danube and Parliament, or the Buda Castle.
Our hotel has conference rooms, fitness room and sauna use, free WI-FI throughout the hotel, and a two-storey underground garage.

Location information:
>Our largest event room can accommodate 140 people, in addition, there are several smaller and sectional rooms for corporate and conference participants. In the Drawing and Chelsea restaurant of our hotel, we welcome our business and leisure groups, in our art'Bistro a'la carte restaurant we welcome our individual guests with our mediterranean and Hungarian cuisine dishes
Our largest room with a 3-meter ceiling height is the Tapestry Hall, which has an area of 150 m2 and can be divided into 3 equal parts with soundproof mobile walls.
Also on the -1 conference level are the Garden & River rooms, which have a separate floor area of 33 m2, but can be combined if necessary. In addition, there are 4 board room-style rooms on the lobby level of the hotel, which are ideal for smaller meetings, as a section room or as an office on request. Participants have at their disposal in the rooms a projector with canvas, flipchart, notepaper and pen, among others.

For our larger groups, our Drawing and Chelsea restaurants are available with built-in buffet tables, where our Chéf prepares a rich selection of international dishes taking into account special needs. For smaller gatherings, we can provide space in the art bistrobar, where you can enjoy the wonderful panorama of the Danube during your meal.

In the underground garage of the hotel we can provide a limited number of places for passenger cars.

Site features

  • chic
  • modern