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Bodrogi Mansion Wellness Hotel


Budapest vonzáskörzete
Maximum capacity:
130 person(s)
Accommodation capacity:
107 person(s)
Number of rooms:
Number of venues:
Location type:


  • 2365 Inárcs, Hrs. 0161
Distances from big cities
From Budapest
1 hours
From Kecskemét
1 hours
From Szolnok
1 hours
From Székesfehérvár
1 hours

From Budapest, you have to turn off the M5 motorway at the 34th kilometer, at the Inárcsi rest stop, next to the gas station, from where signs already guide those arriving at our hotel. From the main road no. 5 you have to turn off towards Ócsa, then signs in the village direct you towards Inárcs. Arriving at Inárcs, you have to follow Kossuth street towards the M5 motorway, and then there are signs indicating the road further.

Room capacities

Hall name Floor space
Latabár Terem 130 m2 130 person(s) 110 person(s) 80 person(s) 40 person(s)
Krúdy Terem 95 m2 90 person(s) 88 person(s) 80 person(s) 40 person(s)
Jávor Terem 80 m2 50 person(s) 40 person(s) 40 person(s) 30 person(s)
Mészáros Terem 60 m2 40 person(s) 20 person(s) 16 person(s) 22 person(s)

Location information

The Bodrogi Mansion Hotel in Inárcs provides its guests with unique opportunities, thanks to its location, facilities and, of course, the prepared staff. Although it is only a 15-minute drive from Budapest, a calm, pleasant environment awaits those who come here.

The rooms of the Bodrogi Mansion offer the comfort of home in every way: they are equipped with cable TV, mini bar, hairdryer, air conditioning, bathrobe, telephone, in-room safe and WIFI internet. Their tasteful furnishings are an excellent match for the mansion character of the hotel. The hotel offers free parking for guests arriving by car.

The Bodrogi Mansion can be a great choice for an event. The successful implementation of the events is guaranteed by state-of-the-art technical equipment such as flipchart, projection screen, projector, sound system with 5.1 sound system, mobile microphone, tv, dvd, video, free wifi - polite and expert staff. All of the rooms are well air-conditioned, carpeted with floors and natural lighting. In addition to the halls, various outdoor programs make the team building trainings unforgettable and memorable. 

Site features

  • unbound, loose
  • cauldron
  • classic
  • close to nature
  • chic
  • forest
  • garden connection
  • Grills
  • Near motorways
  • familiar
  • Blocked
  • modern
  • open-air
  • quiet
  • small number of people
  • sporty
  • wellness nearby
  • wellness area

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