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Club Tihany Hotel & Bungalók


Maximum capacity:
1200 person(s)
Accommodation capacity:
738 person(s)
Number of rooms:
Number of venues:
Location type:


  • 8237 Tihany, Rév u. 3.
Distances from big cities
From Budapest
2 hours
From Veszprém
0.5 hours
From Székesfehérvár
1 hours
From Győr
2 hours

From Budapest you can get there by car on the M7 motorway, you have to drive off the motorway at exit 112, then continue on road No. 7.

Room capacities

Hall name Floor space
Konferencia Központ 2030 m2 1200 person(s) 1000 person(s)
Levendula Terem 450 m2 280 person(s) 160 person(s)
Levendula Szekció 1. 0 m2 120 person(s) 60 person(s)
Levendula Szekció 2. 0 m2 80 person(s) 50 person(s)
Levendula Szekció 3. 0 m2 80 person(s) 50 person(s)
Levendula Külön Terem 220 m2 280 person(s) 150 person(s)
Beach 112 m2 80 person(s) 50 person(s)
Tihany 78 m2 50 person(s) 25 person(s)
Old Captain Külön Terem 80 m2 100 person(s) 60 person(s)
Badacsony 44 m2 25 person(s) 15 person(s)
Tátika 21 m2 10 person(s) 8 person(s)

Location information

The hotel is located on the tip of the picturesque Tihany peninsula, on the direct waterfront, with the largest conference and accommodation capacity of Lake Balaton and a huge wellness island.

The hotel offers 330 non-smoking rooms of different types, orientations, partly with a balcony and partly with air conditioning. The furniture and equipment of the rooms ensure the comfort of both guests who want to spend only a few days and a longer period.

In the shade of the trees of the cozy ancient park, the hotel offers accommodation in 160 partially lbaited bungalows of various types, capacity and location, with


In good weather you can refresh yourself in the waves of Lake Balaton, in bad weather a 1200 m2 wellness island offers unforgettable water experiences for guests.

The hotel has been a prominent player in Hungarian conference tourism for many years, thanks to experienced professionals.

Guests arriving by car have access to a 450-space parking lot.

Site features

  • unbound, loose
  • classic
  • close to nature
  • garden connection
  • familiar
  • Blocked
  • open-air
  • sporty
  • waterfront
  • wellness area
  • Wine region nearby