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Ensana Thermal Margaret Island


Maximum capacity:
300 person(s)
Accommodation capacity:
600 person(s)
Number of rooms:
Number of venues:

Featured services

Health and wellness services
Health and wellness services

Modern conference rooms
Modern conference rooms

Sports facilities
Sports facilities


  • 1007 Budapest, 1007, Margaret Island
Distances from big cities
From Székesfehérvár
1 hours
From Tatabánya
1 hours
From Győr
1.5 hours
From Szolnok
1.5 hours

By car from the direction of Árpád Bridge
By bus no. 26 from árpád-bridgehead Pest or Nyugati Railway Station

Room capacities

Hall name Floor space
Star Auditrorium 396 m2 90 person(s) 280 person(s) 90 person(s) 150 person(s) 54 person(s)
Jázmin I. terem 154 m2 80 person(s) 120 person(s) 80 person(s) 70 person(s) 28 person(s)
Jázmin II. terem 90 m2 30 person(s) 70 person(s) 30 person(s) 30 person(s) 22 person(s)
Jázmin I-II. terem 254 m2 120 person(s) 210 person(s) 120 person(s) 120 person(s) 48 person(s)
Magnólia terem 263 m2 100 person(s) 120 person(s) 100 person(s) 70 person(s) 40 person(s)
Kamilla I. terem 57 m2 - 60 person(s) - 30 person(s) 20 person(s)
Kamilla II. terem 28 m2 - 35 person(s) - 18 person(s) 12 person(s)
Kamilla III. terem 63 m2 - 60 person(s) - 30 person(s) 20 person(s)
Kamilla IV. terem 50 m2 - 50 person(s) - 24 person(s) 18 person(s)
Kamilla I-III. terem 120 m2 - 80 person(s) - 42 person(s) 24 person(s)
Kamilla II-IV. terem 78 m2 - 80 person(s) - 42 person(s) 24 person(s)
Kamilla III-IV. terem 113 m2 - 80 person(s) - 48 person(s) 36 person(s)
Kamilla 180 m2 - - - - -
Kamila terasz 500 m2 - - - - -
Boróka I. terem 49 m2 - 35 person(s) - 20 person(s) 16 person(s)
Boróka II. terem 42 m2 - 30 person(s) - 20 person(s) 16 person(s)
Toboz I. terem 42 m2 - 30 person(s) - 20 person(s) 16 person(s)
Toboz II. terem 42 m2 - 30 person(s) - 20 person(s) 16 person(s)

Location information

The location of the Thermal Margaret Island Health Spa Hotel is truly unique. Located in the heart of Budapest, on the beautiful Margaret Island, isolated from the noise of the city, this wellness paradise is just an arm's length away from the bustling hustle and bustle of the Hungarian capital. The increasingly popular metropolis and the legendary spa offer you an endless range of possibilities.

The four-star Ensana Hotel is Budapest most prominent spa hotel thanks to its patented medical springs, spa and wellness facilities, state-of-the-art fitness center and medical experience in balneotherapy, rehabilitation and plastic surgery.

The hotel is also a popular venue for business meetings. Newly renovated interiors, a sophisticated conference room and a lobby await our guests. The hotel's beautiful surroundings offer a wide range of sports and leisure activities, and last but not least, the breathtaking sights of the capital are waiting to be discovered.

The event venue:


hotel – together with the conference rooms of the neighbouring Grand Hotel Margaret Island – provides an excellent opportunity to organize various corporate events.

12 newly renovated well-combined event rooms can accommodate up to 300 people. With its unique, romantic surroundings, trained staff, high-quality technical equipment and wide selection of food and drinks, this event venue is one of the most ideal locations in Budapest.

The parks of Margaret Island, the Nagyrét, provide an excellent opportunity to organize outdoor programs.

With 4 decades of experience in event management, we know exactly what makes a conference successful and how to make it memorable. Trust our expertise!

Event rooms:

  • fully renovated event rooms with an area of 1290 m2
  • Separate event entrance, reception area and terrace
  • Largest room: 396 m2, can accommodate 300 guests (in case of theatrical style seating arrangements)
  • State-of-the-art equipment and free broadband Wi-Fi
  • A large number of parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the hotel at discounted prices.


Our hotel's extensive menu includes a wide selection of international and Hungarian dishes, as well as deliciously prepared low-fat and low-calorie dishes from a selection of healthy and fresh ingredients. The Platán restaurant awaits our guests with a generous buffet breakfast and dinner.

>Other services for team building:

You can arrange on the terraces next to the hotel or green areas.

Parking option:

The unguarded, BKK-operated parking lot in front of the hotel (not the hotel area) can be used by our guests on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability.

Parking for hotel guests:

in outdoor parking (outdoor, unguarded) 2.400.-HUF/car/night

garage (guarded) 4.000.-Ft/day

For guests without reservation:

in outdoor parking (outdoor, unguarded): 400.-HUF/sgk/hr

garage (guarded) 4.000.-HUF/day or 460.-HUF/sgk/hour

Site features

  • unbound, loose
  • close to nature
  • chic
  • garden connection
  • modern
  • open-air
  • quiet
  • sporty
  • wellness area

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