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Hethland VSZ Resort


Dél-Dunántúl, Balaton és környéke
Maximum capacity:
150 person(s)
Accommodation capacity:
110 person(s)
Number of rooms:
Number of venues:
Location type:


  • Zamárdi, 8621, Kiss Ernő utca 3.
Distances from big cities
From Budapest
1 hours
From Székesfehérvár
0.5 hours
From Szekszárd
1.5 hours
From Pécs
1.5 hours

Room capacities

Hall name Floor space
Étterem 100 m2 90 person(s) 80 person(s) 80 person(s) 80 person(s) 80 person(s)
Kis konferencia terem 45 m2 35 person(s) 25 person(s) 25 person(s) 25 person(s) 25 person(s)
Nagy konferencia terem 65 m2 50 person(s) 40 person(s) 40 person(s) 40 person(s) 40 person(s)
Dupla terem 110 m2 80 person(s) 70 person(s) 70 person(s) 70 person(s) 70 person(s)
Kerthelyiség 120 m2 100 person(s) 100 person(s) 100 person(s) 100 person(s) 100 person(s)

Location information

The event venue:

Team building, corporate event, conference?
You have come to the right place! The Hethland VSZ resort is the solution!

In one of the most trendy towns on the southern shore of Lake Balaton, the resort Hethland VSZ with its private shoreline on Lake Balaton is located in Zamárdi.
Thanks to our unique features, our resort is an excellent choice for organizing events with different themes. Whether it is an official corporate event, a team building interspersed with colorful programs with a more direct atmosphere.
The resort team of Hethland VSZ will help you realize your ideas.

Event rooms:

The Hethland VSZ Resort, with its two connecting conference rooms, is a great choice for holding small and large lectures, trainings, workshops or year evaluations. During the breaks, the buffet and the restaurant of the resort cater to the emerging catering needs according to their individual ideas.


The Oblique Pine Restaurant and Grill Terrace awaits its guests with its varied tastes, quality dishes and delicious dishes.
The menu of our restaurant offers mouth-watering creations of traditional Hungarian cuisine, the taste of which is perfectly complemented by the wines of the surrounding wine region.
In addition to homemade flavors, our guests can also taste oven, grill, fish and vegetarian specialties.
We provide a special diet for our guests with food allergies.

Other services for team building
• Cauldron
• Bike rental
• Fishing facilities
• Fishing shop
• Baking
• Water bike
• Ping pong
• Foot tennis court

Parking facilities:

In a closed yard

Site features

  • unbound, loose
  • cauldron
  • close to nature
  • garden connection
  • Grills
  • Near motorways
  • familiar
  • Blocked
  • modern
  • open-air
  • quiet
  • small number of people
  • sporty
  • waterfront