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Lazarus Equestrian Park


Budapest vonzáskörzete
Maximum capacity:
6000 person(s)
Accommodation capacity:
0 person(s)
Number of rooms:
Number of venues:
Location type:
Event venue

Featured services

Drag race
Drag race

Horse performance
Horse performance

Team building games
Team building games


  • Domonyvölgy, Pine Street 47.
Distances from big cities
From Budapest
0.5 hours
From Nyíregyháza
1.5 hours
From Miskolc
1.5 hours
From Szolnok
1.5 hours

From the M3 motorway: Exit at the Aszód-Bag-Tura branch of the M3 motorway. After the roundabout, at the end of the exit, turn left at the stop sign, and after 500 m at the roundabout at main road 3 at the exit 3, towards Budapest (see Lazarus Equestrian Park crescent). After about 5 km, turn right at the domony valley branch. Follow the access road until you arrive at the Lazarus Horse Park.

From route 30: Gödöllő – Leaving Máriabesnyő, you have to go towards Aszód on main road 3 (former number 30), then after the M3 motorway bridge after km 36 500 m, where there is a green road sign indicating the Domony valley and the Lázár Equestrian Park kreszsign, turn left. The asphalt road leads directly to the Lazarus Horse Park.

Room capacities

Hall name Floor space
Vadász terem 55 m2 30 person(s) 70 person(s) 30 person(s) 30 person(s) 30 person(s)
Tornácos csárda 200 m2 120 person(s) 280 person(s) 130 person(s) 120 person(s) 130 person(s)
Régi csárda 200 m2 120 person(s) 280 person(s) 120 person(s) 120 person(s) 130 person(s)
Tornyos csárda 200 m2 130 person(s) 280 person(s) 120 person(s) 130 person(s) 130 person(s)
Vili bácsi pincéje 20 m2 10 person(s) 24 person(s) - 10 person(s) -
Fedeles lovarda 1800 m2 1200 person(s) 2000 person(s) 1200 person(s) 1200 person(s) -

Location information


p style="text-align: justify;">The event venue:

In the various styles of inns and spacious terraces of the equestrian park, you can enjoy the masterpieces of Hungarian cuisine with a beautiful view. Oven-made flamed, grilled party, pig roast can add color to the gastronomic palette.

It is an excellent venue for company-specific team building programs, product demonstrations, partner meetings and family days.  

Ideal venue for weddings too. For the cozy garden ceremony, the young couple arrives with a white carriage as a wedding gift from the Lazarus Horse Park.

Event rooms and restaurants:

Old tavern is the most frequented building in the park with rustic furnishings.

Looking out of the inner atrium space through the inn windows, the viewer is presented with the indescribably beautiful landscape. The opposite hillside with the memens and the "current" natural phenomena can be clearly seen, as huge windows are located along the entire length of the western façade. The room is dominated by natural materials, the use of white, blue dyeing and natural colors, which is the defining color base of the entire horse park.

Modernized in 2021, Porch Tavern also has a built-in canvas and projector perfect for trainings, conferences, meetings. The new large windows here also opened up a spacious space for the beautiful valley.

With a separate entrance Due to the name of the hunting hall, our small hall is decorated in style with trophies and engravings capturing scenes from the hunting life. It is a permanent venue for trainings, press conferences and company meetings, birthdays, christenings, graduations, graduations...

Our most exclusive room is Tower inn in front of which our most spacious terrace and grill kitchens and ovens are located. Due to its architectural design, it is a popular venue for outdoor events. Its gastronomic palette includes barbecue parties, dishes baked in the oven and skewers, and special dishes cooked in a cauldron.

It can be an excellent venue for corporate festive events, gala dinners, weddings and year-end events.

A cloakroom has been set up on the ground floor, while additional sanitary blocks have been set up on the basement level, as well as a wine cellar with a capacity of 20 people, where cozy wine and pálinka tastings can be arranged.

Riding hall with lid – a seated buffet event for up to 1,500 people can be held on the arena of the riding hall (30 m * 60 m) with flooring. Bosch and GE already held their year-end events here in 2018 and 2019. It can be heated by industrial hot air blowers, and with its 9-meter ceiling height and dimensions, it provides an imposing, spacious space. It has adjustable light and sound technology, as well as washbasins accessible inside the building.

In the summer of bad weather, it can also be used as an alternative to hosting a horse show or team building games.

Other services for team building:


• Spectacular horse show reminiscent of Hungarian equestrian traditions

• Folklore show

• Team building games (drag race, sheer Olympics, cooking competition in cauldron, frisbee golf...)

• Thematic events (Middle Ages, Western, Retro...)

• Extreme programs (quad biking, refueling, jeep driving, GPS treasure hunt...)


• LAZAREUM - where guests can learn about the history of carriage making, the development of Hungarian equestrian sport, as well as see the medals, prizes and race cars of the Lazarus family


p style="text-align: justify;">• Hungarian village yard with native pets


In Lázár Equestrian Park there are 9 buses and parking lots for 200-250 cars at the same time.

Site features

  • unbound, loose
  • cauldron
  • close to nature
  • chic
  • forest
  • garden connection
  • Grills
  • Near motorways
  • familiar
  • modern
  • open-air
  • quiet
  • sporty
  • waterfront

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