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Teleki-Tisza Castle


Maximum capacity:
160 person(s)
Accommodation capacity:
69 person(s)
Number of rooms:
Number of venues:


  • Nagykovácsi, 2094, Kossuth Lajos u. 2.
Distances from big cities
From Budapest
0.5 hours
From Székesfehérvár
1 hours
From Tatabánya
1 hours
From Kecskemét
1.5 hours

By car 20 minutes from Budapest. The BKK bus line 63 from Hűvösvölgy stops in front of the castle.

Room capacities

Hall name Floor space
Kastélypark 100000 m2 - -
Földszint - bálterem 170 m2 160 person(s) 130 person(s)
Földszint - szalon 1. 31 m2 20 person(s) 10 person(s)
Földszint - szalon 2. 31 m2 20 person(s) 10 person(s)
Emelet - teraszos, panorámás nagyterem 145 m2 130 person(s) 100 person(s)
Emelet - szalon 1. 57 m2 40 person(s) 30 person(s)
Emelet - szalon 2. 32 m2 20 person(s) 10 person(s)
Emelet - szalon 3. 18 m2 15 person(s) 10 person(s)
-1 szint - boltíves terem 170 m2 15 person(s) 120 person(s)
-1 szint - téglaboltozatos terem 25 m2 20 person(s) 10 person(s)
Királyfalvi-épület - felkészülő szoba 26 m2 10 person(s) -
Királyfalvi-épület - emeleti szekcióterem 1. 50 m2 50 person(s) 30 person(s)

Location information

Event venue

More than a castle! In addition to the smaller and larger rooms of the elegant castle, renovated for 2018, the castle park and the other buildings make the venue outstanding and unique. More than just an event venue! We are also available for organizing team building trainings, events and meetings. Our team - upon request - not only provides a location, but also implements the background (creative programs, additional entertainment, meals).

In the Pension building next to the castle, we can provide mattress accommodation with sheets, on single or bunk beds, in rooms for several people up to 69 people.

Event rooms In our castle we are waiting for your events on 3 floors. Ground floor: Ballroom, Tisza café, Teleki room, Lord Baden-Powell room

Great Hall:  


  • the elegant ballroom, with modern technology (built-in projection and sound technology) and a conservatory, café, easy access to the huge ground floor terrace and the beautiful ancient wooded par
  • Reception area and two VIP salon.

Floor: Count József Teleki Hall, Tisza Lajos Kálmán Hall, Tisza József Hall, Tisza Jolán Hall Great Hall: glass panorama, clean, modern technology (built-in projection and sound technology) and with an opening terrace

Three salons 

  • Our rooms, which open from the great hall (but can also be accessed separately), 
can be

freely combined, we can also provide tools (e.g. sofa, board tables). 

-1 level can be a good accessory, corporate parties can also be held here calmly, as we are equipped with professional light and sound technology. Vaulted room with show kitchenExclusive brick-vaulted room

  • Castle Park: The castle park is divided into three parts.

    • Golden park: the grassy-grove area closest to the castle.
    • Silver Park: huge football field-sized parkBronze Park: 
    • wooded area For outdoor events, the castle park

    can be rented separately.

    Királyfalvi-building: on its fully renovated floor created for educational purposes

    two section rooms can be rented For the requested catering, in several price categories, we can find a solution for all requests, be it a coffee break or a full buffet table dinner.

    Of course, if you would like to bring your own food and drinks, it can also be solved with us, self-sufficiency is not a reason for exclusion either.

    In the area of the castle park, we can provide accommodation for 105 cars in our parking lot.

    Site features

    • close to nature
    • chic
    • exclusive
    • garden connection
    • open-air